Welcome to our E-mail Services page. To access these services you must be a client of South Florida Goline.

Web Mail
With our Web Mail Services, you can retrieve your e-mail from anywhere in the world. Our clients can send and receive e-mail from any computer connected to the internet. Your e-mail is stored in one location, so that your inbox is always up-to-date. This is great service for those of you who travel frequently or use more than one computer.

Auto Reply
Our Auto Reply Services can automatically send a message to anyone who sends an e-mail to your inbox. If you're away on business or vacation your clients will get an automatic response letting them know you're away. When you get back you can easily disable this feature. It's that easy.

Our Fowarding Services allows you to redirect your incoming mail to another e-mail account. This is great if you have multiple accounts and would like to read all your e-mail from a single account on another system

Privacy and Security
You have already been given a name and password, the only way to access your e-mail is by using your password and login name. This means, only you have access to your e-mail, even if you're not using your computer. Remember to always, we stress always, logout to ensure security.

South Florida Goline is strongly committed to keeping your personal information confidential.

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